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Little Green Forks is a home delivery service in the San Gabriel Valley that offers only NuSci compliant menu offerings five days a week. For pricing, menu and delivery information, visit their website at


We will be building up here a list of restaurants that have at least one NuSci compliant dish on their menu. While vegan foods come close, many vegan foods, especially those with plant-based meat substitutes have too high of fat content to be NuSci compliant. Similarly, many salads would be OK, but often salad dressings have oil in them which would not be healthy to eat. Even so, most vegan restaurants would have some low-fat, no-oil items on their menus.

As a placeholder for an expanded list, we will identify our current favorite vegan restaurant:

The Green Earth Vegan Restaurant at 37 S. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA. Their harvest soup (pumpkin based) is tasty and an inspiration for our own pumpkin soup recipe. While we're proud of our own recipe, we have to say the one at Green Earth Vegan is better.  The staff as Green Earth Vegan is friendly and helpful. If you tell them you want a whole plant-based no-oil dish, the will know what you mean and make suggestions from the menu.

Other vegan restaurants in Pasadena include:

My Vegan Restaurant at 633 South Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA.

Real Food Daily at 899 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA.

Finding Vegan Restaurants

Until more restaurants are serving NuSci compliant dishes, you can find vegan restuarants with this web site: Be sure you check the vegan box prior to a search, so you won't end up eating at places where the food contains milk, cheese, and eggs. Happy Cow also has an iPhone and Android apps.


Most grocery stores carry healthy products in their fresh produce section. Green vegetables should be one of your staple foods. Fruits are also highly recommended. Limit your consumption of nuts, seeds, avacados, and coconut, as these items are high in fat. Otherwise, go wild in your grocery store's produce section.

Outside the produce section, the vast majority of products you will find in most grocery stores, including health food stores, does not comply with the NuSci diet and should not be purchased or consumed. We have found though, that some grocery stores are better than others. Our favorite chains are:

Trader Joes - these smaller stores tend to have lower prices than most other grocery stores, but because they are smaller they don't have as wide a selection of products as many other stores do.

Whole Foods - these larger stores have a wide selection of NuSci compliant foods, including some items we cannot find in any other grocery stores. However, for common items, you may find them at lower price at other stores.

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