The Starch Solution

starch solution front Eat the foods you love, regain your health, and lose the weight for good!

by John McDougall, MD, a practicing physician in Santa Rosa California. In his book he describes how his own medical practice and the careful scientific research of others have found that the consumption of animal products and oils leads to sickness and death. A healthy plant-based diet that avoids the harmful overdose of protein and fat, by necessity provides most of our calories from starch. Thus a heavily starch-based diet leads to weight loss, health, and long life. This way of eating is also good for animals, our world energy problems, and our environment. This book ends with a 7-day sure-start menu plan and nearly 100 delicious recipes compiled by John's wife Mary. Dr. McDougall's conclusions are backed up by 381 references, mostly to refereed scientific journals. We highly recommend this book.

In addition to writing several cookbooks, Dr. McDougall offers weekend study programs, 5 and 10 day immersion programs, and healthy adventure trips to Cost Rica (highly recommended!). In addition to his books, Dr. McDougall maintains an extensive web site which is a treasure trove of meticulously researched information on a variety of health and nutrition topics. He also authors an e-mail newsletter that you can sign up for from his web site.

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