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Cholesterol Reduction Stories                                                                                Top

Name: Renee
Zip: 91016
Message: In response to your email, I did receive the books I requested. I refer to them often for the recipes and have loaned a few out to those interested in learning more about nutrition. The valuable information I learned since my first nutrition workshop back in October 2014 have been life changing. After eating a whole food plant based diet for one month I lower my total cholesterol level by 40 points and my LDL level down by 25 points. The fibromyalgia that consumed my body with pain is now under control without medication and all the symptoms of Crohn's disease that I was being tested for is gone! Thank you so much Mr.Tanner for sharing this life saving information and books. sincerely grateful, Renee

Name: Cyndi
Zip: 49076
Message:I do appreciate learning more about health. My family has a history of early onset heart disease and DJD. I am learning to be a vegan. My lipid levels have decreased 100 points. Thank you for your work in promoting heath education.

Name: Manuel
Zip: 91701
Message: DR. Tanner Yes I have received the book. Cholesterol dropped from 243 to 187 total . staying on the plant discipline as you have presented. please note.annual chk in Jun total was 243. Started plant base in Dec. after your work shop. got checked in Feb.9 results were at 187. little exercise yet. books are most helpful and have given the others as gifts. All the info has created a replacement for the "do not". No words can express the full extent of gratitude for opening the understanding of health. Have sent many friends and family to your workshop. Though limited in space i am glad to let you know what you have done. Hope I can shake your hand and converse at the proper time. Please continue. There is little than comes this close. Sincerely M.

Name: Tom
Zip: 90066
Message: I did receive Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn. I have read the book, and have been changing my diet. I go through good and bad phases, where I cheat a little bit. But, I am very encouraged, because I had my cholesterol checked a couple of weeks ago, and it went from 248 to 173. I have never had that kind of success before from a diet change. My goal is to now get it below 150.

Name: Anita
Zip: 91214
Message: I recently attended the presentation at [workplace] by John Tanner on how nutrition is linked to health - his personal experience and summary of scientific findings. Even though I was already almost vegetarian and ate low carb, low salt, low fat diet, I found the presentation highly educational. The book offer to all JPL attendees was very generous; I chose The starch solution by John McDougall. The book helped me a great deal by answering questions people have about vegetarian diet, and by reinforcing the importance of no fats, and why diets fail that leave you hungry. Since then, I have modified my diet significantly, being totally vegetarian was easy but I took the extra steps to eat more starch (from potatoes, corn, wheat berries bread), increase the amount of fruits & vegs, and mainly leave out all oil/fats. It has simplified my life, when I shop in supermarket, I regard about 80 % of foods as off limits (nearly all have fats) and I spend most time in the fresh produce area. I enjoy my meals more, even if its a smaller menu than used to be, knowing they are very fresh and healthy. I don't go hungry, I make sure there is starchy vegetable in each main meal.I have lost a small amount of weight in the past few months, although I am not overweight, and this is prob due to not buying any more cookies/chocolate. I really needed that extra push, I think the combination of John's presentation with many powerful messages in his slides and the McDougall book persuaded me to make the extra effort, and in the end - its not difficult. I will stick with this way of eating for life. I am very grateful to John Tanner (and the book donors). Sometime I will make a donation too. My family are not persuaded simply by my talking about it; they want the variety of foods we eat in CA. Unfortunately typically most people dont get really health conscious until they are 50+. J PL recently offered health screening and the oil-free plant based diet paid off; my cholesterol went from 198 two years ago to 150; only been eating this way for few months. all vales were at target, I was so happy. Thanks again.

Name: David
Zip: 94306
Message: Hi John, Thanks for the two books on avoiding heart disease. I read them and was impressed. I have been following the recommendations, but cheating a lot. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and try to avoid oils. I have lost five pounds and feel pretty good. My cholesterol went down to 228 from 179. I have to stop cheating so much! I'm sure it will improve even more. Thanks for the advice! David

Weight Reduction Stories                                                                      Top

Name: Wendy
Zip: 90029
Message: Thank you! I have been to workshops several times and am appreciative. I started plant-based before coming here months ago, but I wasn't dedicated until coming here. And I've lost about 20 lbs in a few months without trying!

Name: Maria
Zip: 91016
Message: Thank you!
I attended your presentation at the end of January and found it very helpful and informative.  I started making changes in February and to this date I have lost over 30 pounds and my cholesterol and sugar levels are in  healthy range.   Reading the China Study helped convince me that simple changes can and should be  made, and can make a big difference.  The book had a lot of  information    I came in January, and thought I would leave with a cookbook, but I feel I picked the right book for me.   If I had chosen a cookbook, I probably would have tried the recipes but not have felt, or been aware of  benefits other than weight loss that I was achieving.
I went from weighing 154 to 123 the last time I weighed myself.  I hope to come back to another presentation when I can bring a friend of family member.  I have loaned this book  to a friend, and hope they are benefiting from it.  ( I also hope to get it back. )
I hope to make more healthy changes to my diet.   My sincere thanks you and  your foundation.  Maria

Name: Candee
Zip: 90035
Message: Dear John, I received your email. The book "The China Study" is a real eye opener, I have been on a journey the past year and have drastically changed my diet after attending some SDA cooking classes in Torrance and attending 2 of the Healthy Taste of LA events, I find myself recommending the book to all my non vegan friends. My Sister and her husband have totally changed their diets to plant based and have eliminated their arthritis and improved their osteoporosis. My dupuytrens contracture in my right hand has greatly improved. My "wake up" call occurred a year ago when several friends had serious medical issues- it made me really look at my own diet and take it seriously! Unfortunately they haven't changed their ways but I keep trying to supply them with information from the China Study to help them make a change. I have dropped 30 pounds and have been able to improve my yoga practice significantly! Thanks for the great book! Mr. Campbell is my hero!

Name: John
Zip: 91106
Message: John: Was just telling your story to a nurse practitioners yesterday.  I am still on the diet with about 70-80% compliance.  I lost 23 pounds, feel great and am back playing basketball which is terrific.  I will get a blood test in the next few weeks and hope to see good news.  Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration.---

Name: Eric
Zip: 91776
Message: Hi John, yes, I received the DVD (Forks over Knives), and my spouse has received the book (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease).  I have read the book and viewed the DVD.  I'd say my diet has changed substantially since listening to you speak at JPL (resulting in a drop of about 20 pounds).  I need to lose significantly more, but recently (past two weeks) I haven't been able to follow all the guidelines.  I don't have any good quotes for you, but I did find that going plant based was not really all that hard in that I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not eating meat and dairy.  OK, I still might have a little meat from time to time, but in miniscule amounts compared to what I use to eat.  Those items just make me feel "stuffy" even by looking at them.
    So far, I've had four people have attend one of your workshops after I provided them with my impressions after hearing one of your talks.

Name: Kim
Zip: 91351
Message: Hi John, Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. Don't stop doing what your doing. I attended your class on June 18th weighing 242, I now weigh 206. I've read most of the books you graciously gave us, and they have changed my life and I'm sure destiny. No more meat, no more dairy. Oils the hard one, in the social arena, so that's a little hit and miss right now
Thank you!!!!!  To your on going future success, Kim

Name: Alexander
Zip: 91109
Message: I and my wife read the China Study book. It is written by a thoughtful scientist Colin Campbell who, in contrast to forceful recommendations found in books on nutrition, carried out a convincing scientific research. After reading the book we changed our diet. We excluded meat, oils and milk and cut on eating fish. I lost more than 20 pounds and dropped my daily heart medicine. First, my cardiologist was strongly against it but after a couple of tests she agreed that nothing happen to my heart and I can stay on this diet. We would like to thank John Tanner for this gift and his encouraging activity towards finding the best nutrition. WIth our best regards, Alexander

Name: Joan
Zip: 91101
Message: I lost 20 pounds thanks to this diet. Now my weight is normal. My blood pressure went way down. Thank you for recommending a wonderful diet. Joan.

Name: Christine
Zip: 92821
Message: Yes, I received my book and tape. I carry the book with me because I read and re-read sections to be sure I get it right. I have not had time to see the tape yet but plan to soon. Dr. McDougall has changed my life. I have lost 30 lbs. and feel more energized and satisfied. My plan is to one day go to his clinic in Santa Rosa.


Name: Leticia
Zip: 91702
Message: hi John I been coming to the NuSci work shops since jan. my husband and I are doing the plant base diet I do have that book and a few more I use them a lot for the recipes my husband lost 38 pds. cholesterol is normol no more medicine for that. I been on 2 medication since 1990 due to auto immune hepatitis my Dr. just took me off from one I really believe that the plant base diet works ,in the pass I spend hundres of money nothing work we really enjoy the work shops and the food I just wanted to share my good report thank you. thank you so much we enjoy coming to the work shops and movie nights we love the food


Coming Back from Heart Attack Stories                                                                      Top

Name: Ellen
Zip: 91107
Message: Hello John, My husband I attended your session at your offices in Monrovia on 4/16/2014 and was pleased that the interest in this eating plan is increasing. We are a regular at the Green Earth Vegan Cuisine restaurant On Fair Oaks in Old Town Pasadena and hr gave us the coupon for the book, "Better Than Vegan". We have and are using many of the recipes by Chef Del Sroufe in his Forks Over Knives book and wanted to try more. Thank you for the book. When we attended your event on 4/16/2014, we got 2 more books, "The Starch Solution" by McDougall and "Unprocessed" by Chef AJ. We have gotten much valuable info from McDougall's book, such as we are definitely taking too many supplements and have since changed from taking D3 & B12 every day to taking them only once a week. Our story is simple. In August of 2012 my husband collapsed while delivering a paper to [workplace visit in Virgina]. Thinking it was his usual Vasovagal (extreme low blood pressure) attack, he refused intervention and a trip to the hospital. Several days later, he was back in CA and in his Kaiser doctor's office. Since he did not go through the ER, tests were ordered and it was 7 weeks later that he found out that he had had a heart attack. He refused having an angiogram because blood work showed that he had reduced kidney function and he was afraid of ending up on dialysis. Hew had a whole new list of doctors.... Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Urologist, etc. I saw a horrible decline in his health and was tremendously worried. It was discovered that one kidney was twice the size of the other, that damage was shown to be on the back of his heart. They did surgery to find out if there was cancer in his kidney and found nothing. His cholesterol and min e could not be brought down lower than 200 on 20 mg of Simvastatin. November 2012, we were watching CNN and Sanjay Gupta was interviewing Dr. Esselstyn and Bill Clinton. There was also a patient of Dr. Esselstyn who had had an angiogram showing the before and 3 months after (his diet)of her arteries and and it was amazing. We ordered his book and Forks Over Knives Cookbook which had been recommended to me by my son who rented the documentary from Netflix. By December of 2012 we were both totally committed to our new way of eating. Fast forward to now..... His cholesterol and mine are way down. His is 148, mine 155. Both kidneys are the same size and there is no sign of damage on the back of his heart. Best of all, we haven't had as much energy in years as we have now. Kurt will be 82 in 2 weeks and I just turned 76. Kurt still works 6 days a week and we seem to run circles around our contemporaries. Thank you so much for the good work you are doing in spreading the work. Right now I'm working on my son-in-law who is 51. He is at least 100 pounds over weight and had a stint put in when he was only 42. I'm hoping our example will encourage him but until a person is ready to make a major change in their eating, there is nothing anyone else can do. I'd invite him to one of your events but they live in Northern Virginia. Keep on your good work. I just received your email about Dr. Esselstyn's new study and plan to forward it on to my son-in-law but now I must get back to work. Best wishes, Ellen

Name: Beverly
Zip: 92556
Message: As a result, my husband and I are now vegan. Happy and healthy! He had a triple by-pass in January which also inspired us to change how we eat. I then attended the Healthy Taste of Inland Empire and read the books. I had a physical 2 weeks ago and all my blood work was in normal range. Previously my blood sugar was pre-diabetic and they wanted to start me on cholesterol medication. I am an advocate for eating a plant based diet now and wish I could tell the world! I've shared my books with my sister who is diabetic, and hope to continue sharing them. Please continue doing what you are doing and I pray for you to recieve the help you need and for your continued success! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Beverly

Name: Steven
Zip: 92881
Message: I have read and continue to re-read "The Starch Solution". I have read several books on nutrition since having my CABG in March 2013. Reversing Heart Disease, Eat to Live and End of Illness are among the others. I have become a vegan and reduced my oil consumption. I feel great. Hike, bike and walk daily. Thank you for your contribution to my nutrition. I use many of your recipes. Thank you much, Steve PS. A young 67 years old

Dramatic Health Improvement Stories                                                                      Top

Name: Anita
Zip: 90603
Message: Yes, I have read the book and use many of the recipes. Changing to a plant-based diet drastically has reduced the lymphedema in my arm.

Name: Ray
Zip: 91107
Message: I am in the middle of the book China Study. I have been on a plant based diet for a year and a half and am finding the book very helpful with the background of all the scientific studies behind a plant based diet. This book, along with the other books your service has provided has had a profound effect in my life. After being on a plant-based diet for a year and a half, the City of Hope MRI's find no trace of previous cancer. My readings have gone down to normal and I no longer have diabetes. My doctor said, " You don't have to take any of my medicines anymore. The service of providing books to interested parties is invaluable. The workshops are a way of keeping up with the subject, and being refreshed in my determination to stay on the diet. I hope they may both be continued. Ray

Name: Betty
Zip: 46774
Message: I received Eat to Live. It is a great book. My husband and I have made a lifestyle change to vegan. We have more energy and have gotten off of several medications. I was taking (4) blood pressure medicines, insulin and (2) diabetic medicine. I am off all blood pressure, a diabetic medicine and half the insulin and I have lost 20 lbs. my husband was on a blood pressure medicine, a combo blood pressue and cholesterol, (2) insulin. He is only on his insulin now and he has cut that more than half. He has lost 23 llbs. We are very excited with the results and tell everyone we meet.

Name: Patti
Zip: 93225
Message: I really loved this book. I was told by numerous doctors to stay clear of starch and to have cheese to control diabetes. Well I never got better.... until I went against their advice and added potatoes and wonderful starch plant based leaving behind all animal products, now I am on my way to improved health !, chef Aj and several doctors from PCRM have changed my life. Thank you so much.

Name: Anne
Zip: 91016
Message: Both my husband and I attended several workshops and have books by Dr. Barnard for reversing Diabetes, ( I am diabetic ) and also Dr. Esselstyn's book, Prevent and reverse heart Disease and several others. Some we have given to friends and also brought friends to the workshops My husband is on the whole plant diet completely and my diet has changed substantially. I like to cook so when time permits I like to experiment with different dishes using the recommended ingredients like legumes and different greens. Whole wheat breads and pastas. On my last Dr. visit my A1c went down and I lost about 20 lb. without even trying. Most of the books we have read basically lead to the same conclusion. You are what you eat. Money can't buy you health but your diet can. Thank you Mr. Tanner for exposing us to this way of eating. Anne

Healthy Eating Due to NuSci                                                                      Top

Name: A....
Zip: 94941
Message: Hi there, I was at your Caltech alumni talk and I really was enthralled with what you had to say. I wanted to share with you briefly my story and then ask you a question. Until age 41 I was a meat eater and I would oscillate around 220-230 pounds (I'm 6'7"). I was active so I didn't feel very out of shape- I knew I had a bit to lose but never could really do it. I met my wife who is a vegetarian around then and we decided to quit our jobs, move to Marin, and mountain bike a lot. Over the course of 4 years I've become a vegetarian myself and I've dropped down to 190 pounds. I thought I must be healthy so I never went to a doctor, but after your talk I decided to get my blood tested. Sure enough, I have high total cholesterol (206), triglycerides, and LDL. I also have low Vitamin D. Mind you, the numbers weren't bad enough to alarm my doctor, but I am now a marathon mountain biker doing 100 mile rides often over 10,000 feet elevation gain, the last thing I expected was the docto r to suggest was more exercise and sunshine! Anyway, the scientist in me kicked in and I realized I have just this one data point. I have no idea if these numbers are bad and getting better or bad and getting worse, so it's hard for me to take action without tainting the experiment. In the interest of data, I have another couple of blood tests scheduled over the next 3-6 months. So first off, I just want to thank you for getting me on the right track to being more aware of my heart health. You're such a scientist that I respected your numbers and sterile, logical take on your situation and the food and medical industries. My question to you is how fast does the blood respond to changes in lifestyle and body shape? Could it be that I'm still on my back to the healthy range even though my body hasn't changed much in the last 6 months since getting down to this weight and current fitness level? I had to beg my doctor to order a blood test more often than annually because she says the blood won't change that fast. Any thoughts and response would be appreciated. Thanks, A...  Aeronautics 97

Name: Joe
Zip: 91107
Message: John: Nice to hear from you. Since we spoke I had two surgeries and am on the mend.
Your books and counsel have resulted in life changing behavior for Dave and I. I discussed your books and eating plan with many people. I am following your plan and have lost weight. I am looking forward to a comprehensive blood test. Perhaps Dave and I can visit you before year end.  For someone to benefit from your learning one has to understand the science, with an open mind. Once that occurs, a new life emerges. All the best. Joe

Name: Judy
Zip: 91016
Message: I have read the book "Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease" where Dr. Esselstyn's study proved eating a plant-based diet was better than heart surgeries and actually makes one heart-attack proof. It is a fascinating, eye-opening, & helpful book. Not only is a heart patient's health improved, but it produces good health for other conditions & diseases. It is very positive & encouraging reading. It included practical help to get started including many delicious recipes & resources. It is a life-changing book. My grocery list is changing as I am trying new recipes. I am checking labels more carefully & purchasing more fruits & vegetables. We're also purchasing dinners one day a week to get new ideas. It is a new adventure. I'm not there 100% yet, but we're on our way. Thank you for this fantastic news.

Name: Gint
Zip: 91107
Message: Thank you.  My wife who has been vegetarian for many years got me off of meat but it was reading one of the copies of the China Study that gave me that got me and then her off of milk and cheese.  It has been great. Your web site is helpful.  --Gint

Name: Deanna
Zip: 91006
Message: We enjoyed Better than Vegan by Del Sroufe because of the exciting and delicious (and of course, healthy) recipes. We have been eating very healthily since learning from NuSci, so I would say this book has enhanced our dining options. Thank you very much.

Name: Patti
Zip: 93225
Message: John Tanner, you are remarkable and inspirational. I went to a couple of your workshops and saw you at Healthy taste of Camarillo. I am now a vegan partly because of you. I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much.I weigh 200 pounds and have type 2 diabetes and am lethargic and really out of shape before I met you I felt hopeless. You gave me hope.Thank you so much. Love, Patti

Name: Vineta
Zip: 91101
Message: Hello, Yes, I received the book and found it extremely valuable. After listening to the talk and reading the book my diet has changed significantly. As a consequence my health has improved and I feel much more energetic and positive. Thank you very much for introducing and spreading this information! I believe it makes the world a healthier, better place to live, full of smarter and kinder people.

Name: Aline
Zip: 91106
Message: John, I am writing to you in reply to an email I received asking for feedback on the free book you sent me. The book is "Better Than Vegan" by Del Sroufe. I really like the book! I read the introduction and flipped through the recipes as soon as I received it. Del has a very interesting story to tell and it's very inspiring! I have tried a few recipes. Everything I made turned out really delicious! I have incorporated some of the recipes I tried into my cooking routine. My awareness of healthy nutrition has definitely changed since I saw your talk at JPL! My diet was already vegetarian and I am slowly eliminating other animal products and fatty foods as well. I have been most successful with slow changes like this in the past, so that's what I am trying this time as well. I'll get there! Thank you for inspiring me and so many other people to live a healthier and longer life! Aline

Name: Scott
Zip: 91106
Message: John, Thanks for this and the wonderful books you gave to me. I have changed my diet and lifestyle a bit, but probably not as much as I should. More to come. Thanks for all of the good work you are doing. Scott

Name: Karen
Zip: 93534
Message: John, watched Forks Over Knives and have reduced meat and dairy consumption by 75%.  Having a tough time with the last 25% due to on the go choices (most have at least cheese) and sheer will power (ice cream, etc.)  In the process of reading Whitewash and used several awesome recipes from (P&RHD) – barbequed black bean burgers on vacation in Palm Springs last week – awesome!!!  Thank you for doing this.  You are making CA healthier for sure. Karen

Name: Patricia
Zip: 91776
Message: I am confirming that I did receive the book, Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole. I was happy to learn that the authors are local(LA)M.D.s, practicing and promoting a WFPBD, holistic and integrative health care. They covered the main topics of concern in a clear manner. I plan to use what I learned to assist me in talking points for any future presentation or group facilitation in which I may lead. To that effect,the info in the book is therefore substantially useful to me. I, too, want to be of service to spread this imperative message. Also, and perhaps even more powerful, was the workshop I attended on Tues. January 20. I am a devoted vegan (4 1/2 years). However, I am somewhat chubby. What? Why, why, why?!?What I came to CLEARLY and CONVINCINGLY see, was that, while I am fulfilling my promise to eat a diet that reduces suffering for the animals, I have been neglecting MY health. Mostly, I believe, by relying too heavily on processed foods, and by sloughing off the importance of exercise. As Mr. Tanner made clear towards the end of his presentation, deciding to do something, and actually DOING it, are two different things. This simple point resonated with me. I am passing on the chips, and eating more whole foods. I cleaned out my garage to make it more pleasant to lift weights there. And I LIFTED them yesterday. And tomorrow I will again. It feels GOOD! In summary, I was VERY impressed with your organization. So comprehensive! Excellent presentation, delicious WFPBD food, and a book! THIS. IS. WHAT. WE. NEED. (Not to mention this was all free. Thank you so much.) With organizations like yours, we can turn this thing around. We can heal ourselves, the planet, and each other. Please keep me on your e-mail list, I would like to let others know of upcoming workshops. Gotta go now, to check the stove, am preparing a yellow split pea, red lentil, veggie soup with terrific spices (turmeric, garam masala and curry)...NO SALT. Hmmmm...yep...IT'S READY...Yum!

Name: Suzy
Zip: 90277
Message: Thank you for the free books over the years. I eat mostly vegan now (whole food/plant based, low fat) and am very grateful for all you do.

Name: Nick
Zip: 90740
Message: Hi Mr. Tanner, I want to thank you for my copy of the Mad Cowboy. I have read it and really enjoyed it. My diet is "a work in progress" as my mom says! I'm 13 years old and am working towards a plant based diet. My mom is plant based, but my dad is not. After going to the Healthy Taste of LA, I understand why I should be plant based, but I don't want to alienate my dad. Hopefully, he will change his attitude soon then it would be easy to be plant based. Thank you for this great present.

Name: Maritza
Zip: 46167
Message: The video has a blessing for my family, my children are the one who had been benefit this studies because since they were child we have teach them to eat McDonald and other types of fast food, but after they have seen the presentation they change their desire to go these places, we as parents were amazed. also we ha the opportunity to share this video with our neighbor. so it been a blessin thanks you so much for what you do.

Name: Carol
Zip: 91780
Message: I can't thank you enough for this article you sent just put out. I still eat meat and dairy but I'm trying harder to eat more vegan . I need to lose weight (30 lbs) and the doctor I know said I will never lose eating beans and lentils as they are to high in carbs as is quinoa etc. He said my protein intake wouldn't be high enough to off set the carb load. This article gives me hope that I can cut back on not only meat but beans and still have enough protein. You are greatly appreciated. Thank you for keeping me informed.

Name: Anne
Zip: 90501
Message: Dear Mr. Tanner, Thank you so much for the workshop in Torrance last night. Your story enlightened and informed me. What I am so thankful for is that my husband agreed to go with me last night. This morning I packed him a lunch full of veggies with fruit for desert; He thanked me for it! I refuse to be the bird sitting on the wire. God Bless You! Sincerely yours, Anne

Name: Beth
Zip: 94973
Message: Dear Dr. Tanner, You spent several hours with my husband, Joseph DeScala, last week going over your eating plan. He has embraced this new lifestyle... Thank you for your time and courtesy. Warm regards, Beth

Name: Kate
Zip: 91773
Message: Yes I have read the book Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole. Since coming to Nusci and listening to John Tanner's testimony, I have changed my diet to mostly plant-based. I really have no desire for meat products, but sugar is a challenge for me, also sometimes oil is hard to avoid when eating out. But I have stopped using oils when I prepare my family's meals and no one has noticed the difference. They do however notice that there is no longer meat on their plates, but as long as it tastes good, I don't hear too many complaints. I wish I knew all of this some years ago before my mom passed away of stroke. Thank you

Name: Marc
Zip: 91750
Message: Thank you again for your the lectures you give and the gift books. I have been quite consistently following a low fat vegan diet. Marc

Passing on the Message to Others                                                                      Top

Name: Brian
Zip: 90031
Message: Ok! So I was just in china and Tibet teaching and reading the china study we got from you. Everytime someone ate meat I shared a fact. Now we are in Europe reading it on a train from Paris to Ams. My hubby's parents and family have pix of the page what to eat as a guide. It's going to great use. Peace. Brian

Name: Terri
Zip: 92555
Message: Since receiving the free DVD Forks over Knives, my husband and my diet has stayed the same because we were already eating a no oil, plant based diet for about a year. However we have been able to share this DVD with others that we could not convince to read some of the recommended books. These family members have not changed their lifestyles completely, but they are making small changes. Hopefully, in time, we will see bigger changes. Thank you so much for this service.

Name: Roslyn
Zip: 90717
Message: Hi John, I read WHITEWASHED and pass on the info. It is very valuable info. I gave up cheese-my last dairy product-over 3 years ago. It is sad to say that people do not get the benefits of healthy eating 99.999% of the time. I greatly appreciate all the work you do to promote a healthy lifestyle to the world. Roslyn, D.A.S., N.E.

Name: Courtney
Zip: 90405
Message: I read the entire book and found it interesting. I tabbed a few sections to share with my husband, and I described some of the interesting parts with him. I also tabbed a few sections to share with my high school students. I teach AP English to 11th grade students, and I am always looking for books that deal with a current controversial topic. Students read two books on a topic and then complete more research to write a researched argument paper. In the past, Fast Food Nation has attracted the interest of many. This year I will offer Mad Cowboy and I believe it will capture the interest of some. It is an easy read, written in an informal style, and is packed with information. It definitely raises many current issues and will provide "food" for thought. Thank you for the gift; it will be shared for years to come.

Name: Destiny
Zip: 93023
Message: First of all I want to say thank you for the generous gift of the DVD "Forks over Knives". I'm a Marriage and Family therapist and 31 yr vegetarian/now vegan. I often share health benefits of a plant based diet with my clients and now I'm able to lend them this movie. Again, I thank you very much, Destiny

Name: Lisa
Zip: 91729
Message: Hi John I received Eat to Live. I found it very informative and helpful as someone already pursuing a vegan diet. Just as I finished it (I was on a tour on a bus) the bus driver asked me about it. He had recently started trying to eat vegetarian in an attempt to get healthy. I was pleased to pass it on to him so that he might also benefit. I admire you greatly for your desire to help so many, Lisa

Name: Sophia
Zip: 91604
Message: I tend to get asked many questions about the reasons for going vegan and the movie Forks Over knives is usually a movie that I recommend. I wanted a copy of it so that I could loan out to people who are interested in watching it. I know that it has been a very informative movie and hope that it can circulate awareness. Thanks again for offering these items to people for free.

Name: Cheryl
Zip: 91104
Message: John, Good Morning. Congratulations one a very wonderful blessed anniversary and  many, many, more to come! Thank you for your story and the books.  I will copy your story and give to my neighbor today.  Thank you.  Such a powerful empowering message and life that you have! I absolutely enjoy the books you gave me and of course  Forks over Knives is my ministry too!  Thank you.  You have made a difference in so many lives especially mine and hopefully I will be able to do the same because of YOU! Cheryl

Name: Rod
Zip: 91104
Message: Hi John, A 31 year old friend of our family has been staying with us for a month and needless to say has been eating the same good stuff we've been eating. His usual diet is fast food so this has been a change for him. A couple of days ago he played in a pick up game of basketball and was excited about how quick he was and how much he scored. He attributed this to his healthy eating. He is training for a race and was concerned that he was losing weight. I looked up articles from Dr. McDougall's website and found one on Carl Lewis and other athletes who followed McDougall's diet plan. That helped him realize that he didn't have to scarf down tons of protein as part of his training plan.
     I've taken your and Dr. McDougall's advice and have been eating lots of carbohydrates such as oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, sweet potatoes, brown rice, barley etc. and have felt much better. Today I took 21 Scouts and Scouters canoeing and kayaking 3.5 miles in Marina Del Rey and had plenty of energy. I'm wiped out now but am looking forward to surfing early tomorrow after a good nights sleep.
      Hope you are doing well, Rod

Name: Sylvia
Zip: 90034
Message: Hello, Thank you for following up.I watched the DVD. I also showed it at work as a “wellness activity” during lunch time. I also showed to my family members.
I’m already on plant-based diet and it definitely reinforced my diet. After sharing with others, many people have expressed attaining new knowledge. At least two people have gone completely plant-based since watching the DVD. Few others dramatically reduced consumption of animal products and processed food.
     I think that the Forks Over Knives movie delivers profound messages and information that everyone has the right to know. The most common comment I get is “How come we didn’t know about this before?”, “How come this information is not more widely spread?”, “This (i.e., this information is hidden from people) is criminal!”.
     This DVD is a powerful tool to change people’s lives. Continuous funding to support such work is invaluable and it is a civic duty. I am grateful that NuSci Nutrition Science Foundation is able and compassion to deliver such services. Thank you so much for your work! Silvia

Name: Brenda
Zip: 46750
Message: I am currenlty reading The Starch Solution, more than half way thru book. I am using this information for both my patients, I am an NP in endocrinology, and for myself. I hope to attend his program for professionals if there is one in 2015. Thank you for this program, I plan to pass my book along to others in my office.

Name: Toni
Zip: 46034
Message: I am already a vegan vegetarian who tries to eat at much whole foods as possible. Was at a cooking class with four of my friends. The cooking class hostess gave out your coupons for a free book to any guest who would take one. One of the ladies with me wouldn't take a coupon, so I took one for her and asked her which book I should request. I gave her the book when it came in and she is using it to help her with her New Year's resolution to lose weight. Thank you for your endeavor. I have enjoyed your occasional e-mails and appreciate having a scientifically sound resource in your website to refer to as I share health principles with my friends in the community.

Name: Judith
Zip: 90403
Message: Thanks again for this great gift. I have been "loaning it out" to friends and family who have expressed any curiosity about the WHPB way of eating. The response has been good.

Name: Yumi
Zip: 90505
Message: Dear Mr. Tanner, Thank you for your correspondence. Although I have not yet attended a workshop/dinner in Monrovia, I am very interested and would like to participate if my schedule will allow it. Therefore, please continue to include me in your emails. The book, Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes was such a perfect gift to me from you. I have not finished reading it because I'm reading The Starch Solution and The China Study simultaneously. I have already read Eat to Live and Forks Over Knives. They are ALL life-changing for me. I have adopted a vegan diet starting Jan 2014, and have found it to be very suitable for me. My daughter is on-board with me, but the two males in my family just do not understand our thinking, and your books help me to explain the benefits of a plant-based diet to them. I hope one day they will understand. Thank you so much for your program and the book donations. I usually borrow these books from our library because they are not inexpensive, but I'm so proud to have Dr. Neal Barnard's book to keep, thanks to you. I hope to meet you again someday, hopefully at your Monrovia workshop or an event, and thank you in person for your efforts to make everyone healthy. Sincerely, Yumi

Name: Marlene
Zip: 92220
Message: Hello. I have received the DVD and plan to mail to my sister in Ohio. I have watched this and am completely pleased by the quality of the presentation. My main interest in this material is to use for teaching others. My family, husband and 4 children, have been whole plant-based diet for more than 4 0 years and teach this to interested individuals.

Name: Jennifer
Zip: 91711
Message: I was asked in an email to give feedback as to how I'm using the book sent to me. I received The Starch Solution by McDougall. I already have that book so am using this one to loan to others. One friend read it and was adopting the principles for an autoimmune disorder. My family of four already eat the McDougall way and own a copy of the book for ourselves. Thanks for your service in getting the word out!

Name: Bonnie
Zip: 46120
Message:Thanks for the follow up.  I have read two of the books and will be sharing the wonderful information with a senior citizens group I'll be addressing later this month.  Thank you!

Name: Karen
Zip: 93065
Message: In response to your request to confirm the receipt of the book, I wanted to let you know that I loaned the book, "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes," to a relative who is on a weight-loss program and was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. When he found out that the program involved eliminating meat, he returned the book and said that he decided he wasn't interested in it and stated that he prefers to go along with the Volumetrics plan promoted by Kaiser, a very complicated program involving constant monitoring and journaling of food and calories. I have read the book, along with the others that I have received from you, and am able to provide information to those who are interested, and for that I am grateful. I'm very frustrated, though, of the lack of people (whom I come in contact) considering a radical change to their eating programs.

Name: Destiny
Zip: 93023
Message: I did receive the movie. Thank you very much. I'm a marriage and family therapist and lend out the movie to my clients. Thanks again

Healthy Eaters Encouraged to Keep At It                                                                      Top

Name: Beth
Zip: 93010
Message: Thank you so much for the gift book, The China Study. My husband and I read it cover to cover. We have been vegans for over a year and this book has kept us that way! We review it often and share the info with others. Thank you so much for this life saving gift!

Name: Randolph
Zip: 93309
Message: Dear John Tanner, I too, went through some health challenges. In 1998 I had an acute MI and had an angioplasty done. Thank goodness without stents. However, I did not take the hint. I continued eating the standard American diet and in 2011 had a TIA and in January my second TIA. A month before a friend had given me a DVD, "Forks Over Knives." I told my wife and she agreed that we should try plant-based eating, but first clean out our cupboards. Well, two days later I had my second TIA. I think that was divine intervention. I started eating following the ways of Dr.'s Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, and John McDougall. I lost 85 lbs, got rid of my 4 antihypertensive drugs and am now a strong advocate of whole food plant based nutrition (NO OIL). I first saw you at Healthy Taste of Ventura with Chef AJ and company. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary of renewed life and vitality. Thank you for all that you do and for you dedication. Randy

Name: Colleen
Zip: 90278
Message: As a vegan for several years now, I am always looking for new and creative ways to cook whole foods without adding sugar or oils. Del Stroufe's book, "Better than Vegan," offers wonderful recipes with beautiful photos that are easy to try and adjust to your taste. Thank you, Nusci and Dr. Tanner, for offering these valuable health resources and for your commitment to health education.


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