Life and Death Choices

I just passed the seventh anniversary of my near-fatal cardiac arrest and I am once again contemplating mortality.

I have spent a fair bit of effort over the years since trying to share with people the eating habits that will keep them from dying of cardiac arrest or other common killers. Yet many people I care very much about aren’t willing to make the necessary changes. I think they believe it won’t happen to them. Let me share a couple stories of people who thought that way too.

Carl Terzian was a fixture in the Los Angeles business scene. I read about him from time to time in the Los Angeles Business Journal. One day I read that he had suffered a heart attack. Sometime later I called his office, learned that he was back to work and was connected to him. We had a pleasant conversation and I could see why he was so well known for his relationships. He immediately treated me like an old friend. I invited Carl to come to one of my workshops about eliminating heart disease or I would bring my presentation to him. I offered to send him a book. He said he would browse my web site and we would talk after that. I called him a few weeks later, but couldn’t manage to catch him at his office. He did not return my phone calls, and so I gave up.

A few months after that, I got a call from the LAPD Police Activities League who was honoring Carl with a humanitarian award. I was honored that Carl had thought enough of me to have them invite me. This would have been a great time for me to call Carl, congratulate him on his pending award, and once again urge him to change his eating habits. I didn’t call.

Carl didn’t make it to his award ceremony. He died following a stroke, which is caused by the same artery disease that causes heart attacks. I’m not sure why he didn’t act on my warning, but it was a fatal mistake.

At least Carl reached 80 years old. Not the case for Aki Saggio. Aki used to work for my company some years ago. Even during her pregnancies, Aki was trim and fit. Late last year, I held an employee reunion and tried to reach as many former employees as I could. The closest I got to Aki was leaving a message at her workplace, but she never called back and didn’t come to the reunion, where I shared with all my former employees who attended the basics of the relationship between what we eat and common diseases and deaths. She wasn’t there so I wasn’t able to share this information with Aki.

I learned recently that at age 46, Aki died of sudden cardiac arrest, leaving her three children without their mother.

So if you are eating meat, dairy, oils, and processed foods and you think heart disease won’t happen to you, you may want to think again. And it may be soon. Death is all around us. Given how many people eat meat, dairy, oils, and processed foods, it is not surprising that so many people are dying needlessly. But it sure is sad. About 2/3 of the deaths in this country, about 1.3 million annually are caused by the choices American make every day in what they eat. And these deaths are unnecessary. Healthy food choices are possible.

If you or someone you know would like to step back from their impending unnecessary death, please learn what food choices will eliminate many diseases and extend your life. You might start by browsing this web site, reading one or more of the books recommended here, coming to one of our workshops if you live in the L.A. area, or calling me at (626) 872-4050. I will do my best to help you achieve a long and healthy life.

John Tanner

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