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01-25-18 John Tanner  Resolution: Eat Greens to Stay Smart

11-21-17 John Tanner  Fake Meat for the Holidays?

10-09-17 John Tanner  Notes from PBNHC 9-17

11-22-16 John Tanner  Life and Death Choices

10-01-15 John Tanner  Notes from PBNHC 9-16

11-25-15 John Tanner  Notes from 2FFC 11-15

10-24-15 John Tanner  Notes from HLE 10-15

10-06-15 John Tanner  Notes from PBNHC 9-15

09-15-15 John Tanner  Update from McDougall 9-15

03-29-15 John Tanner  Protein from Rice?

11-29-14 John Tanner  Milk Increases Mortality

11-01-14  John Tanner  Heart Disease Treatment: Drugs vs. Diet

10-13-14  John Tanner  Choosing Life and Butternut Squash

07-01-14  John Tanner  New Heart and Nutrition Study

04-16-14  John Tanner  Cardiac Arrest and Asparagas

03-06-14  John Tanner  Peter Beats Crohn's Disease

02-05-14  John Tanner  Focus on Sweet Potatoes?

01-03-14  John Tanner  Healthy Eating in Restaurants

11-13-13  John Tanner  Is Obesity a Disease?

10-11-13  John Tanner  My Heart Attack: Can Drugs Help?

07-09-13  John Tanner  Judy's Heart Attack

02-15-13  John Tanner  Can Drugs Save Me from Heart Disease?

10-11-12  John Tanner  I Almost Died


Doctors discuss Clinton's new diet.

Clinton Now Eats Healthy  


Renee Thumbnail

Renee Cures Herself   


Eric Thumbnail

Eric Reverses His Heart Disease